A Poem About Love

Here’s a little poem I wrote a few months ago. It blows my mind how we’ve twisted up love to be and mean something other than what it truly is. There is no other love than that which is found in Jesus…


A four letter word that our society seems to give so many meanings to. A word so powerful but tends to lost its luster as folks continue to water it down to take the form of something conditional.


It is not a feeling. It is not a candlelit dinner, long walks in the park. It is not sweet kisses on the forehead, lips or cheek. Love is not butterflies swarming in my belly after a long awaited hug. Love is not wrapped up in making things “official”. It does not wear the title of “boyfriend” or “girlfriend”. Love is not even just a marriage. Love is not chivalry; Bringing flowers when I’m down and chicken soup when I’m sick. Love is not a shoulder to cry on. Love is not a letter: “Do you like me? Check “yes” or “no”. Love is not a maybe. Love is not a first date nor is it the 2nd. Love is not a motion picture. It is not Simba and Nala, Forrest and Jenny; it is not written in a notebook and does not consist of the ugly truth. Love does not mean reciprocity; in the sense that it will not give itself for a little bit of this or a little bit of that: You’re nice, so I love you. You make me happy, so I love you. You’re cute so I love you. You have money, so I love you. You’re compassionate, so I love. Love is so much deeper than what society subliminally sells us; more than what we naively buy into.

Love is a lifestyle. Love is unconditional. Love is sacrificial. Love is eternal. Love is undeserving. Love is humble. Love is patient. Love never fails. Love is a gift that we will never have a enough money to buy.

God is love. His entire being is love.

We lie – He loves us

We are hateful – He loves us

We are envious – He loves us

We are doubters – He loves us

We fall into sexual sin day after day – He loves us

We idolize people and things – He loves us

We care more about status than bringing Him glory and He loves us. We make excuses daily for not being able to have complete devotion and He loves us. We ruin His design for marriage, sex and even the purpose for our lives and He loves us. We live as hypocrites and He loves us. We spend an hour with Him per week on Sunday and He loves us. We take the talents He’s given us to use for our own personal gain and He loves us. We are filled with pride and He loves us. We can do absolutely nothing to win His favor, so HE covers us with grace because He loves us….

…regardless if we are capable of loving Him back.

February 11, 2012


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