On Monday the Pinky Promise small group I’m involved with had a ceremony where we dedicated our purity back to God in a “marriage” ceremony. This was more of a rededication to God. 2 and a half years of being abstinent hasn’t been easy but it’s surely been amazing!


2 thoughts on “Vows

  1. @B Oh yeah! I’d be lying if I said being abstinent was a piece of cake. I didn’t cut off all communication with the guy that I was sexually active with until almost 5 months after I’d made the decision to be abstinent. But my obedience to God is so much more important to me. I had to start thinking when I’d talk to him “Is what I’m about to say or do with this dude really worth my relationship with Christ?”

    That answer is always no! Trust me, it still gets hard, especially during “Cuffing season”, but I have sisters, like the ones above, holding me accountable. And based off of the experience I had with that guy, I never want to try to beg God to give me a nickel when He’s trying to give me a dime (think about it)!

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