I really don’t know what to say or how to express my feelings now, so I’ll just let Andy Mineo do it for me! This song, Repentance, can be found on the Man Up Album. It’s been on repeat all morning and perfectly articulates my state of mind at this moment.

There I go again yeah I blew it
Everything I don’t wanna do I keep doin
Steadily feelin stupid instead of makin excuses
I just need to face the music I need ya
I lean on my own strength but it’s useless
Cause healing only come by them stripes and them bruises
I chunk deuces and turn towards you
But sometimes I turn right back to it
Why do I abuse all the grace that you given me?
It’s like I can’t win man I still got sin in me
And I struggle just believin you forgiven me
Cause if I was you I would’ve been done finished me
But we’re not the same, mentally, thank God
Your grace is amazin look where you went for me
On them wooden beams took responsibility
For sin that you never did to call you a friend to me
Your ways are so high but you bent your knee
I keep fallin but you call to get on my feet
Keep walkin just what you started you will complete
Ima keep repentin til the day I leave

Yeah it’s like I always seem to fall catch me can you catch me
Can you catch me ‘fore I’m gone I’m gone tryin it on my own
I know I can’t do it but still I’m just holdin on
And when you see me up yeah I’m really down
And when you see me smile there’s really no one around
So if I let it go promise you catch me now
Ya just catch me now promise you catch me now

Now repent of your sins and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped away. – Acts 3:19

Love y’all,



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