“You Should Just Become an Atheist”

…Yes, someone said this to me.

This isn’t a post to bash someone’s beliefs and say they’re stupid (despite the picture…I thought it was neat!). I simply want to make things clear about why atheism is not the road for me.

This past Sunday, I was working on a project with a photographer. We were doing a photoshoot at a church and afterwards started small talk as we began to drive back to campus. We started dialoguing about discrimination of skin tones within the African American community, which I learned was similar to his experiences in his home country. I explained how my (lovely) chocolate tone was never an issue growing up; probably due to the wide range of skin tones within my immediate family. When that topic was exhausted he asked about Christians in America and how many different churches there were. I, being non-denominational, went on a small tangent about different denominations and how at times it seems unnecessary because they’re rooted in secondary theological differences – by secondary I meant tithing, women’s roles in church, music and different theological views like covenant versus dispensationalism. I kind of laughed it all off and said how much those things give me a headache and how we’ll all be in heaven and there won’t be any denominations (can’t wait!).

I think my explanation of the numerous denominations came off as irritation to him, because the next thing he says is:

“You know the best way to forget about all of that is to just be an atheist!” 


A nervous laugh and my infamous stale face is what he got in return. Then I just explained to him that my faith in God will never change because God never changes, I just don’t let unnecessary theological debates get in the way of my ultimate purpose, which is to share the Gospel.

…we didn’t talk for the rest of the ride. However, I hope that sparked something in him; just my explanation of why I still believe in God despite what the Church, the body of Christ, looks like to the rest of the world.

Yes, as a Christian, I am very much aware of how many different views there are about covenants God had with people and musical preferences, tithing, teaching styles, the use of spiritual gifts and even how long a service should last. Yes, I know, a lot of Christians cannot agree on many things. But despite these minor differences, God is still the same. He never changes. The Gospel never changes. I can walk away from a theological debate at any moment, but that doesn’t mean I’m walking away from God. It’s just not that easy – especially after taking an apologetics class at my church…atheism just isn’t logical. Yes, logical. Says the woman who prays to and claims to be in relationship with someone she can’t see. I know…I know…apologetics post some other day….

My point is, when you get rid of the secondary issues that seem to separate some Christians, we are still one body united by Christ. I worship and believe in God, not man. Those differences are not big enough to overshadow what God has done and who He is.


With love, 




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