The End of College Life: Part 1

The time has finally come! I am graduating from college. And still, as I type this post, it has not fully hit me. It may be due to the fact that I’ve been in school since I was 3 years old – what am I supposed to do with my life now?! I want to highlight here a few things that I have learned since being in college, things I’ll miss and things I’m so happy to be leaving behind!


1. Free food – When you live off campus and leave your apartment in such a hurry that you a)Forget to pack breakfast & lunch or b)Forget to bring money to buy lunch on campus or c)You’re too broke to buy lunch on campus….that awesome student organization celebrating something random (i.e. Picnic Day, Free Lunch Day, Student Appreciation Day, Free Hugs & Hotdogs Day) may seem like the Anti-Hunger Superman of the day. To the organizations with free food or the Freshman/Any on-campus student with too many swipes, I salute you. You shall always have a place in my heart.

2. Unlimited resources – I didn’t realize this until I started digging deeper into my major (Sociology), which requires tons of research and research papers. Two words: Free databases. As college students, we have access to so many journals FOR FREE!!! If you don’t like research then you probably don’t understand my enthusiasm, but it has truly been a blessing. That, along with the millions of books in the library – including music scores!!! Now granted, Mizzou’s library may seem overwhelming, but when you’re too broke to buy the books you need for your class – the library is where it’s at! Not to mention awesome centers through the Department of Student Life…like the RSVP Center (yeah, so I’m biased…come at me bro!) that also provide tons of FREE resources for students!

3. Accountability – Your friends are constantly around you, and therefore always there to hold you accountable. It’ll be different living on my own and having the same accountability. In college, even if you don’t live with friends, you see them everyday – in class, on the bus, in student organizations, at your campus job, at the Rec/gym, etc – everywhere! There are tons of student ministries on campus, so many other believers, and I’m going to miss being in an environment with other students who are unashamed to live for God. [cues Andy Mineo’s “Young”, drops mic, walks off stage]

4. Mizzou Rec Center – I didn’t utilize this place as much as I should have during my first couple years at Mizzou. It comes out of student fees anyway, so hey – get it right, get it tight!

5. Making friends/Having something to do – So, how do I make friends outside of classes, student organizations and campus jobs? I really don’t know – maybe alumni connections? Wherever I go I suppose I’ll join the alumni chapter for Mizzou and Sigma Alpha Iota….But I realize most of my friends have come from being in school. I became little miss overly-involved girl in college, so it’ll be different not having nearly as much to do with my life. I may no longer be in need of having my color-coded agenda. However, I think I will enjoy the free time and may actually discover what my hobbies really are! I may pick up the violin again, continue taking piano lessons, learn how to knit, get back into writing music and finally finish the 10 – yes, 10! – books I’m in the middle of reading!


1. Squirrels – If you’ve ever been to Mizzou, you know there is no need for me to explain this. Mizzou squirrels are not like your average squirrels…(excuse my grammar but) they be plotting! Goodbye army of squirrels. I shall fear you no more.

2. Stupid decisions – I made some pretty dumb decisions in college (friends, love interests, student charging everything, etc). While I’m glad to leave it all behind, I can say that I do not regret any of it (except some of the student charging!) and can truly see the changes I’ve made over the years. The person I was (at least lowkey/undercover) as a freshman/sophomore/early-junior (um…yeah…) serves only as a testimony to how awesome God is and at least I can say that now I am walking with purpose!

3. Sleep deprivation – Yeah…no more cramming. Praise God!

4. The idea of being a student – Random, but I’m ready to introduce myself as being more than just “a student at the University of Missouri”. I’ve been a “student” since I was 3 and a half years old. I’m excited to receive a different title! “Hi, my name is LySaundra Campbell and I am a [title] with [organization]” ….I’ll fill in those blanks with a post in August 🙂

5. Solicitors & Emotional Politics – Ad Sheet. Eat Cheap Week. Free Popsicles. Free Posters. Free Hugs. Brother Jed. Gruesome Anti-Abortion Campaigns. Ad Sheet. Ad Sheet. Ad Sheet. Byeee! …..except the Girl Scouts selling leftover cookies in the Student Center. I will miss you and your cookie costumes, but I suppose I’ll catch you while I’m coming out of Walmart!

*Bonus: Mizzou Wireless – No explanation needed. Just know that it’s the worst!


1. Time flies! – Cherish the time you have! I remember complaining about how I had “Senioritis” as a sophomore and how I couldn’t wait until school was over. Well now it is and it seems as though it happened in the blink of eye! It sucks when you complain so much about how you can’t wait for the next phase of your life and then you wake up and wonder where all the time has gone. School days may seem like they’re dragging, but believe me, graduation will be here before you know it! Don’t spend your life waiting for the next chapter to happen…Be present and enjoy the time you have TODAY!

2. Wine + Research Paper = Besties for life! – A good glass of wine got me through Social Theory, Social Research and my Capstone! Salut to all the Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc and Moscato!….oh and the celebratory glass of champagne I rewarded myself for coming up with a title for my research!

3. Love – I have met some of the most interesting people in life during college! From interesting protests, Brother Jed, messy roommates, small town kids, big city kids, extreme left wing, extreme right wing and everyone in between (that rhymed!). Through my interaction with people from different backgrounds, college has taught me how to love folks. We all have our identities and differences (Race, Religion, Socioeconomic Status, Education, Region, Family background, etc) and those identities shape our view of life. If I didn’t push myself outside of my comfort zone at Mizzou, I would have never met people from different backgrounds and never learned how to interact, in a respectful manner, with people who do not see the world through the same lens as I do.

Coming soon…Part 2: Most Memorable Moments at Mizzou

With love,



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