Black Men Simply Need to Take Precaution

Please look up the word ‘satire’ before commenting on how offensive this was.

In lieu of recent events, I believe I have found the solution to ending police brutality against underarmed Blacks, specifically men. This list of precautionary tips, while not helping to stop violence, can certainly help victims protect themselves from systematic racism.

1. Wear a bullet proof vest. Black people, mainly men, you know there are police officers in the USA who would love to shoot you down for no apparent reason at all aside from the fact that you are Black. Take the necessary precaution and invest in a bulletproof vest. You don’t want to be caught on the subway (Oscar Grant), leaving a convenience store (Mike Brown/Trayvon Martin), or on the way to your wedding (Sean Bell) without wearing a bulletproof vest, because who knows what could happen to you. Wear your vest!

2. Don’t look like a thug. Just don’t do it. The way you dress has everything to do with whether you’ll be a target for racism. Take Henry Louis Gates Jr. for example. Oh…wait… But Trayvon Martin. Yeah, don’t wear hoodies, Black men. They send off a threatening message and you could be shot and killed simply because of how you were dressed. Dressing like a hoodlum means that you were asking for it.

3. Give a little whistle. In the incident that you are being attacked by police, be sure to have a whistle ready to let others know that you are being attacked. One whistle may just save your life. Remember the words of Jiminy Cricket!

4. Don’t go out by yourself late at night. Don’t think I need to explain this one; it’s common sense. If you do it anyway and get shot/arrested/pulled over for being Black, well, you were asking for it.

5. Don’t drink tea and eat Skittles at the same time. Just don’t. How dare you?

I’m sure there are other precautionary methods that we should take, but I’ll leave these for now. However, feel free to comment below on other ways Black men can protect themselves from being shot by police officers. Black men need to do everything in their power to prevent from being killed by police officers or neighborhood watchmen. It’s their duty! The methods above are not to restrict you from, well, living your life, but rather to protect you. With cases like Sean Bell, Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, Oscar Grant and countless others, it’s obvious that there is a problem here. So if you choose not to take necessary precaution from this so-called historical and systematic racism, then any assault that occurs is your fault. Furthermore, you may have asked for it.

Society should not have to tell police officers not to shoot innocent, unarmed Black men, because let’s face it, not all police officers do this. There are some amazingly good police officers in society who would never shoot down an unarmed Black man multiple times. It’s only a small number and that is no need to have a pep talk with all of them and no need to talk about “changing the culture” and addressing racism. They are simply doing their job. If you know that Black men getting shot for no apparent reason is a major issue in our society, why wouldn’t you want to do everything in your power to protect yourself from such racism? Be smart and take precaution.



Note: This article was extremely offensive and took the focus of a serious issue off of the perpetrator and solely on the victim. Sounds ridiculous, right? Know that this is precisely what women are told everyday of their lives in regards to rape. 


Until next time…



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