Oh, I love everything about Fall! I love the standard oversized sweaters/leggings/boots attire, ungodly amounts of hot chocolate, staying in on weekends to have movie nights, breezy mornings, de-icing my car, and the smell and color changes of the leaves. Definitely the leaves. Those colors! The changes are breathtaking. Change is painful. Change is necessary. Change … More Change


I don’t run. At least not physically. At times, I visit Radnor Lake here in Nashville and I’ll run – just to be hip with the cool kids – for about 0.05 miles. Then I stop. I walk. And admire all the beauty that is Radnor Lake that, otherwise, had I been running, I’d miss. … More Marathons

Becoming Undone

How else can I begin this post, but with the cliché, “time flies”. I have been a Tennessee resident now for just over a year and have slowly began to see just who I really am. My childhood shaped me. College molded me. But moving to Nashville has since caused me to become undone. It has … More Becoming Undone