Oh, I love everything about Fall! I love the standard oversized sweaters/leggings/boots attire, ungodly amounts of hot chocolate, staying in on weekends to have movie nights, breezy mornings, de-icing my car, and the smell and color changes of the leaves. Definitely the leaves. Those colors! The changes are breathtaking.

Change is painful. Change is necessary. Change is beautiful.

The Pain. Losing close friends. Struggling to make new ones. Distance. Saying goodbye to comfort and what’s familiar. Saying ‘no’ to happiness and ‘yes’ to righteousness. Feeling like you’ve failed too many times to receive grace. Uncertainty. No blueprint.

The Necessity. Because you cannot be where you are now a year from today. We must continue to grow. Stagnancy is not an option. Progression. Life is going to bring us new challenges that will require new responses. Leaves indeed change in the Fall, but they continue to change in the Winter, Spring, Summer and again. And as the leaves change, the roots of the tree grow deeper and deeper and deeper….

The Beauty. “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower“. True colors show. Beauty. Delight. Adoration. Identity. Wholeness. Reverence. Gratefulness. Having at least one friend who is willing to walk with you in love.

Change is so, so good. It can hurt. It can be uncomfortable. It can feel lonely. You may want to hide or feel ashamed, but nothing compares to the beauty that is eventually unveiled.


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