Let’s Go Dancing!

Who knew dancing could provide a great workout and life lessons. Lesson learned: I’m not ready for marriage. Why? Because I’m all kinds of hesitant to follow/trust a guy even if he knows what he’s doing. I also tend to stand on the sidelines, take notes and critique which guys can and cannot lead, and I’m too nice to tell a guy if he can’t lead or that it’s obvious he has no idea what he’s doing. Last, each time a guy suggested one of those dip moves, I almost died and wished that Jesus were my dance partner instead; at least I know I can trust him. That is the mind-blowing lesson I learned through 2 hours of going swing dancing with friends a few weeks ago. I trust no one but Jesus.

Why is this apart of my #WonderfulLife challenge? Because heart checks, no matter how they come, are incredibly wonderful! Community relationships are vital for the Christian life and sometimes (most times), I’m deathly afraid of it, so much that I lose trust in people, critique my environment and wish that I were elsewhere or in the company of others (Whoops! Getting a little personal!). When in actuality, I’ll look more like a fool if I try to venture out on my own.


Until next time 🙂 In Christ,




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