I Have Other CDs

I’m not getting my Andy Mineo CD back anytime soon…and I have mixed feelings about that.

I mean, I am scared out of my mind…in a good way, I guess. I feel like Holly Golightly running away from the advances of Fred/Paul in Breakfast at Tiffany’s; if I had a cat named Cat, I’d surely get rid of it and say cruel words, just to get the full effect.

I’ve walked with The Lord, imperfectly yet faithfully for a long time, and unfortunately have had to learn the hard way about dating the wrong men (or boys…let’s call them boys) – Mr. That’s Wassup, Mr. I’m Obsessed With You But I Need You To Be Perfect, Mr. I Love Everything About You But Can’t Bring Myself To Be In The Bondage That Is A Relationship, Mr. No I Don’t Have A Girlfriend/Well Maybe I Do, So What? and others….I know, I know…I am not proud of any of these. Believe it or not, you, Mr. Keep A CD as Collateral To See You Again (that sounds creepier than it really is), are the first man to come along and begin to pursue me in a biblical way (aside from Jesus of course). For the first time in my dating life, I feel like a human, not a piece of meat. I’m open and free to be myself without judgment. I smile, laugh, feel safe and comfortable around you.

….And I am scared out of my mind.

Life would be easier if I simply chose to not take risks and continue to jam out to my Andy Mineo CD while we live our lives separately… Or to run away and marry some gorgeous Brazilian politician, but I don’t have the luxury of being Holly Golightly. However, you are being intentional, patient yet consistent, and most importantly, respectfully my brother in Christ. For that reason alone, I will face the facts; that we are having a ball getting to know one another and I will have to settle for Prince’s Top Hits (a little Diamonds & Pearls never hurt) and The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill until Andy Mineo is returned to my car.


In Christ, 



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