As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another

I think the TogetherForeverAloneAlways crew has disbanded…and that’s quite alright. Despite new relationships, and all that they bring, to church planting in Miami to moving around all over the country (and possibly the world!), it is comforting knowing friendships that have been rooted in Christ are what sustain us. You all are only a phone call (text/Instagram/Snapchat/Facebook message/Skype/Googlechat!!!!) away 🙂

What began as a trip to the 2012 Legacy Conference with church family that, at the time, I did not know fairly well, led to thee best NYE party of all time (2013), where the term “Together Forever Alone Always” was first used and coined by 5 single ladies living for God! That conference and party has since given me some of the greatest “sisters from other misters” that I have ever known (aside from my Mizzou family – I love y’all too!). I have had the joy of receiving and giving godly wisdom even from miles away. When we’re together, be it a couple of us or the whole gang, the fun and laughs seem to never end! And I’m encouraged by the lessons each of you are learning, being a part of your lives and seeing how God is constantly shaping each of us to walk in the manner in which He designed us. This is true community and I’m extremely grateful for each of you!

Life happens, but through it all, our friendships stand strong and we continue to have community no matter how many miles are between us. To my ladies, my friends, my sisters – we may not be the “TogetherForeverAloneAlways” crew any longer, but we will always be TogetherForeverAlways!

I love you!

In Christ,


Play the video as you scroll through the pictures 🙂




(Above/Below: The Original TFAA crew & The Party where it all began. Shoutout to our photographer!)











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