“Modesty”. Because Women Haven’t Always Worn Yoga Pants

The talk around modesty and clothing, particularly for Christian women (and only women), has been a conversation (or class/seminar/conference/workshop) that ladies experience routinely from middle school through adulthood. It usually sounds like: “Girls, you must understand that boys are visual creatures”, “Girls, *insert clothing article* are not godly options”, “Girls, 1 Timothy 2:9 states, *insert interpretation … More “Modesty”. Because Women Haven’t Always Worn Yoga Pants

Tuned In: Tori Kelly

This week I’m highlighting one of my favorite singers (and curly headed chicas!), Tori Kelly, who recently released a single entitled “Nobody Love”. Tori Kelly’s previous musical work has generally been steeped in acoustic pop/soul, with hits like “Dear No One”, from the EP Foreword, and “Confetti” from Handmade Songs by Tori Kelly. Her new single, “Nobody … More Tuned In: Tori Kelly