No. Just No.

I’m ecstatic! I have discovered a new anti-street harassment song.

Recently, I came across “No” by Meghan Trainor. It’s surprisingly a non-segregated-60s-diner pop song about rejecting the advances of some random creep attempting to get her name and number.

I’m kinda hoping someone will do a trap cover of this one soon – maybe Kehlani or Tracee Ellis Ross aka T-Murda…or a collaboration with the two.

For any woman who has ever experienced the awkwardness, creepiness and down right rudeness of a stranger trying to ask you out, get your number or blatantly say how sexy your body looks, this song is for you.

Women are free to say “no” because our identities aren’t wrapped up in how men view us or whether we accept the advances of a stranger.

Women are free to say “no” because…we don’t owe any stranger our time – especially when the conversation is being based on how I look, not just saying “hello”.

Women are free to say “no” because…we don’t get dressed up to attract attention from the opposite sex. Some of us do just to catch a glimpse of ourselves every time we pass a reflective object and thank God for the beauty he’s given me…no, but really.

Women are free to say “no” because…you don’t know my life or why I’m choosing to not smile at the moment. Besides, this video shows just how weird that would be if we did smile all the time. It’s my face.


So, thank you, Meghan Trainor, for making the transition from the segregated-dining-60s to the powerful, revolutionary 70s and beyond!

Check out the song below!


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