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About Me

LySaundra comes from a name meaning “defender of mankind” and Janeé comes from a name meaning “gift from God“, so it’s no coincidence why I have a passion for humanity and social justice.

I will sing of steadfast love and justice; to you, O Lord, I will make music.” (Psalm 101:1)

So, what is this blog about? To keep it simple: the Gospel, feminism and art.

The Gospel:

At the Well is where the dignity & humanity of the oppressed is affirmed, and salvation through Living Water is readily made available. The Well is the meeting place for difficult, yet refreshing dialogue. The Well is where the culture is brought to meet Christ. Not to well-spoken pastors. Not to political agendas. Not to legalism. Not to a license to sin. And certainly not to a Kumbaya-hippie-Jesus-is-my-homeboy idea of Christianity. But simply to Jesus; the one of Scripture and not of our finite minds.


Every issue is a Gospel issue, and even feminism has its place in the Church – it will just take a bit of exploration.


The creative arts are more than just tools for our entertainment. The arts, for some, are a refuge, an escape, and avenue to express and reflect the times. When dialogue just won’t do, there is always a painting, a sonata, 16 bars, a poem, a favorite book, or a 90s R&B love song. There is always creativity.


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