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To Toni Morrison and Black Women Writers Who Hold My Shaky Hand

There is something beautiful and selfless about being a writer and sharing your words, whether through a book or other medium. As writers, when we leave this earth, our words will live on. Our thoughts will still take up space in this world. I am grieved because I missed my chance to meet one of my literary heroes. Yet I don’t grieve without hope.

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I Kissed White Feminist-led Organizations Goody

I thought I could hang on just a little longer. But this year, I will be yet another woman of color, in a long lineage of women of color, leaving the mainstream feminist anti-violence movement.

It is a tradition that white feminists in our movement like to keep silent — I guess they wouldn’t want to bring negative attention to a social justice movement or the nonprofit sector, especially one rooted in radical feminism. But my experience is all too familiar and I could have seen this moment coming.

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