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Gone Fishing

Our charge as Christians is to go out and make disciples of every nation, but I rarely see that happening - even in my life! I see us planning tons of social events and picnics, but when it's time to go out a share our faith or have conversations with people who think something different from us, not many people show up! While it's cool and often fun and necessary to engage in fellowship and relationship building with people who are in the Body of Christ (church, school ministries, etc.), how many of us actually share our faith with non believers?

I'm not talking about going door-to-door as a group one day out of the month or beating someone over the head with the Bible telling them to repent because they don't believe what you do. What I'm talking about is building genuine relationships with people who lack faith. It's one thing to knock on someone's door, but what if that door of communication was always open?

The church picnic is fine - invite folks from the neighborhood. The campus Bible study is fine - invite your roommate and other people in your living quarters. But don't leave out the relationships with the ones who may not be willing to come to church or any type of organized religious function. Don't be afraid to go fishing - you may not catch anything or you may hit the jackpot, but you'll never know until you start fishing in new waters - not just the waters of the friend who calls themselves a Christian, but doesn't live like it. But what about the waters of Agnostics, Atheists, Muslims, Buddhists? Do we even know how to have a conversation with someone of a different faith without being judgmental, pushy or shoving the Bible (figuratively) down their throat? Do we even know what that looks like?

Just a little thought.