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I Need My Andy Mineo CD Back

I just want to put it out there in case you stumble across this blog and I don't build up enough courage to ask. I need you to bring back my Andy Mineo CD. We made a joke that if you didn't hear from me in 48 hours that it's likely a dead end. Well, sir, it's hour number 48 and minute number 7, and I'd like to listen to "Bitter" so that I don't become, well, bitter.

Ok, so honestly I won't become bitter. Everything has actually fizzled out perfectly. We're both following Christ. We just have different lives planned out. Different visions. And I don't think either of us are willing to compromise. That's quite alright, but really, I need that Heroes For Sale album back. You can drop it off in the mailbox or leave it on the doorstep so we don't have to have the exchange face to face, but just know that it wasn't a gift. It was collateral, remember? For another date? And then another? But it has ended. We're headed in different directions...and I'd like to have my Andy Mineo CD as I continue on this journey.

Wait...oh, nope. It's not copied to my iTunes, so just return it as soon as you can. Thanks.


In Christ,