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Reflecting His Image

Last night was our last women's small group meeting of the year, and my last meeting at Mizzou before graduation. It was bittersweet, but I enjoyed the fellowship with my sisters - plus I'll be seeing everyone almost daily before I leave, so it wasn't as bad - no tears were shed :)

We closed by studying Titus 2:2-6 and discussed having a "Total Makeover" spiritually. In verses 3-5 of Titus 2, Paul encourages older women to be respectful in their conduct and set an example for the younger women. He encourages them not to be addicted to too much wine, because too much alcohol can affect how one conducts themselves. Consuming too much wine can cause one to do foolish things, but if one is led by (or filled with) the Spirit, that will show through their actions (Galatians 5:16; Ephesians 5:18). We profess that Christ is indeed doing a good work in our lives when His character begins to shine through us. We strive to walk by the Spirit for the sake of the Gospel, so that it will not be discredited by our actions!

This passage touches on 2 very important concepts: Evangelism & Discipleship! Our character, being a reflection of Christ, is a testimony to what God has done in us to non-believers and an example to younger believers.

Think of it this way, how does evangelism look when, as Christians, we boast in how great God is, but others cannot see any difference - in conduct - between your life and theirs (Titus 1:16)? I once heard someone say that sometimes you spend so much time with a person, you start acting like them. As I meditated on this passage I began to ask myself, "Do my actions/character/conduct reflect how much time I spend with God?" Is it obvious that Christ is doing work in me? Or, in regards to discipleship, am I setting a good example for other women? Likewise, what examples of godly womanhood have been placed before me? What kind of women am I looking up to? Worldly or Godly? I know that's a ton of questions, but it's in those moments when I start asking questions that I'm beginning to have a conversation with God - opening up to have Him reveal things in my own life that need a little tweaking.

Some things we're putting into action for Women of the Word is to have summer accountability partners. I've noticed that many college students who are involved with some sort of campus ministry go back home to a completely different environment. The weekly Bible studies, coffee or lunch dates come to an end and it's a long summer in the pool of stagnancy. So, each lady chose an accountability partner for the summer to keep in touch with on a more personal level. This can be as simple as going shopping, to a summer concert, a conference (like the Legacy Conference in Chicago!), just talking on the phone or running errands with each other. It's important to simply "do life" with each other in order to build a strong Body. It's easy to put on an act when you only see someone at church or a Bible study, living in community with each other means we should be in each others natural habitats - invade some space! Discipleship is going to be very uncomfortable for both individuals, but it's such a crucial part to the health of the Church.

One thing I've asked my friend to hold me accountable for is writing. It was so awesome to recently go back and read my old journals, songs and poems and see how closer God has brought me to Himself over the past few years! I haven't been writing as consistently for the past few months and that's something I'd like to pick back up. My goal is to write everyday (if not, 5x per week) this summer! I also want to be more consistent with accountability and discipleship. Titus 2 reminds me that whether I'm classified as an older or younger woman I need to be involved in some sort of discipleship. I am NEVER too busy for discipleship. I've let my schedule get in the way of that so many times throughout my years at Mizzou. But it is truly key. Discipleship is not just a weekly Bible study or a bi-weekly small group - it's a daily choice to simply live in community with someone else and it's something all believers are called to do, regardless if you're in a campus ministry. It's our duty to hold each other accountable and further the Gospel.

So, I'll pose a question that was posed in small group last night: Is there a particular aspect of your womanhood that you sense a need for the Lord to give a total makeover? If so, who do you have to hold you accountable as you continue on your journey to look more like Christ?

The following video is of a singer who goes by Pearl. She’s an independent artist from South Carolina who recently moved to Chicago with her husband. Support another sister in the Lord as she continues to spread the message of Christ through music! Check her out here!

The song below is called Reflection and I think it's a great song and though to keep in mind when reflecting on our actions. Ask God, “Is this a reflection of you?” or “How does my conduct draw people to want to be in relationship with Christ?”

The True Woman study we discussed this semester can be found here!