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Tuned In: Tori Kelly

This week I'm highlighting one of my favorite singers (and curly headed chicas!), Tori Kelly, who recently released a single entitled "Nobody Love".

Tori Kelly's previous musical work has generally been steeped in acoustic pop/soul, with hits like "Dear No One", from the EP Foreword, and "Confetti" from Handmade Songs by Tori Kelly. Her new single, "Nobody Love", brings in a new hip hop/urban pop flair which Kelly states has always been the vision.

Tori Kelly has extraordinary vocal ability & control wrapped up in emotionally expressive lyrics and melodies. I'm excited about the new direction her music seems to be taking; a direction that, having always imagined, is clearly bringing her into her own unique element and creating new opportunities within the industry. You can check out Tori Kelly's new single and her previous work on iTunes!


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