Live Like Jesus: How Biblical Womanhood Insults the Imago Dei

In response to Throw Like a Girl: How Feminism Insults Real Women from Desiring God: I love words and exploring their meaning. This is why I have no problem with calling myself a feminist. Evangelical critical opinions about feminism are often overgeneralized and assumed to be anti-femininity. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Feminism is, … More Live Like Jesus: How Biblical Womanhood Insults the Imago Dei

This Woman’s Mission: Mercy & Justice

My entire professional career has been in the movement to end domestic and sexual violence. I’ve moved around in this field starting as a peer educator in college to shelter advocate to state-level policy and education, and now at the national level working in development and communications. It’s so fitting that I get to communicate … More This Woman’s Mission: Mercy & Justice

Thoughts of Miami

Most people have heard about the big announcement by now. I’m overwhelmed by the love and support from family and friends, especially those who have kept up with my journey this summer. But for others there may be confusion and many have asked, “Why?” “How?” “You just moved to Miami!” Yeah, well…let me explain.   … More Thoughts of Miami

Here’s the Tea

I feel like I’ve been on hiatus throughout January, ergo I wanted to type up a quick tidbit highlighting what’s been going on in my life and give a prelude to the posts you’ll be seeing in the coming months. Here’s the tea, my last 2 months of living in a nutshell: I’m an aunt … More Here’s the Tea

The Fight for Joy

Adonis Creed, the son of Apollo Creed, who was the biggest nemesis of famed fictional boxer, Rocky Balboa, came on the scene last year in the movie, Creed, and sought to solidify his own legacy in the boxing arena. I have to say Creed was one of my favorite films for 2015 – probably because … More The Fight for Joy