LySaundra Janeé

The Gospel. Black Music. Justice. Resilience.



After nearly a decade of experience in the movement to end domestic and sexual violence, I have watched social media and digital communications become a necessity in how organizations effectively communicate their mission and harness support from the general public. The work you dedicate yourself to no longer impacts only those in your backyard. Technology allows us to be more connected than ever!

Because of this, a solid digital communications strategy is paramount for any social justice organization. It boosts your organization’s credibility and educates your community – both near and abroad – about how they can be a part of solutions that lead to safe, stronger, and resilient communities.

However, most social justice organizations do not have the staff capacity to fulfill communications needs. That is where I come in! You can focus on programming, community organizing, and changing policies – leave your digital communications strategy to me.

Consultant & Freelance Services Include:

  • Website/blog management and development

  • Social media management and planning (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram)

  • Strategic communications planning

  • Digital campaign management

  • Digital storytelling, narrative building, and framing for nonprofit organizations

  • Graphic design for social media

The services above are offered on a sliding scale. Please contact me for more information and rates.