LySaundra Janeé

The Gospel. Black Music. Justice. Resilience.



A Resilient Tune workshop is designed to explore Black music as it relates to social and political discourse, and promote resilience. The music wellness plan was created with holistic wellness in mind and can be adapted for various ages.

The Living Well Workshop explores biblical themes of justice and applies them to Christian living. This interactive workshops walks participants through several characteristics of living well and remaining connected to the Living Well, Christ.

All speaker and workshop inquiries can be sent to lysaundrajanee[at] or fill out this contact form.

Workshop Reviews

“I love the idea of having a music safety plan. Thoughtful analysis of the intersection of social/political history and black music-genesis, influence, and cultural (macro) impact. Brilliant, thank you!”

“LySaundra’s music workshop was amazing! She inspired me to write several support group topics and activities surrounded around music. My residents loved our [group] yesterday! I owe that to her!”

“I absolutely loved this workshop. The music safety plan was so helpful for myself and I can't wait to introduce it to my clients. LySaundra was incredibly knowledgeable. As a white fan of hip hop I was long overdue for a history lesson.”

“Wonderful presentation! I can see your love and passion for the topic which makes it more interesting. I love the music safety plan and I will be using it within my support groups. Please continue to present on this topic in the future!”

“Very beautiful inside and out. What a soulful, insightful and inspirational presenter.”

“I love LySaundra's personality. She is excited and knowledgeable about the topic and I like the humor involved.”